6KM, 20+ obstacles, 10,000 watt after-party – Toronto is about to get really muddy! Mud Hero Urban is back for a second year with a NEW venue, Downsview Park, that offers More Terrain, More Mud Pits and Even More Fun! Come on Friday as an individual or team, or for a corporate team-building experience, but dress extra casual. We know Torontonians are crazy, it just takes a little mud to expose it! Plus our after, after-party will be EPIC!

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Course map (6KM)

1 Hero Walls

You have three different choices for wall heights to scale your way over. Something fun and challenging for participants of all fitness and ability levels!

2 Backwards Bullfrog

Pull yourself backwards up this slippery slope. You’ll get wet on this ride!

3 Tipsy Turvy

Remember teeter-totters when you were kids? This is the full-sized adult version! 

4 Through Wall

It's that simple, you need to get through the wall.

5 Mud Slides

A favourite of our Mud Heroes! Slide down waterslides into a mud pit. These slides will be even bigger and better for 2015!

6 Light at Tunnel’s End

Make a spash into this mud pit, then crawl through the tunnel to make it out the other side.

7 Mission Swing Probable

All New in 2016! This Platinum Rig offers 3 lanes depending on ability level including hard, medium and easy. Mission Swing Probable is created to be doable for all ability levels, and passable even in the mud!

*Not to scale. Actual obstacle has 10 lanes*

8 Muddy Lagoons

All New in 2016! Once you finish trudging through these you’ll resemble the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

9 Ropes N Slopes

All New in 2016! Climb yourself up this fun incline using ropes and rappel yourself down.

10 Under Construction

It's a surprise, because Mud Hero likes to keep you on your toes!

11 Camo crawl
12 Inverted Wall
13 Punch Drunk Love

Mud Hero might make you WIPE OUT with this obstacle. Dodge swinging bags over a balance beam and maybe go splash.

14 Frog Spa

Getting dirty is inevitable at this obstacle! Enjoy a mud facial at the end!

15 Hamburger Hill

Steep natural uphill embankment to get your blood flowing. Don’t worry, you can cool down with a nice mud bath in the mud pits!

16 Demolition Derby

We always wished for a playground like this when we were younger. Run, jump and stomp your way over these fine automobiles. But make sure you don’t park your car too close!

17 Special Delivery
18 Superhero Cargo Climb

Climb and descend this obstacle like a ladder. If you’re afraid of heights, don’t look down at the top! A fellow Mud Hero will always be there to help you over.


This 15-foot-high giant quickly became a favourite of our 2015 Mud Heroes! Climb up the slanted wall using the ropes provided, crawl across the cargo net at the top, descend down the other side, and you’ve conquered KONG.

20 Victory Bath

Final Mud Pit! Soak in victory before heading to the finish line!

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